How Food Lovers can Slow Travel

How Food Lovers can Slow Travel

If you love food and drink, then slow travel is definitely for you! You don’t have to be a foodie or wine connoisseur to fully appreciate local fare when you travel. Just have a¬†hunger and thirst to really delve into a¬†culture’s relationship with delicious cuisine.

The beauty of slow travel is that you can explore local and traditional foods in a sustainable way, at a sustainable pace. You unearth flavours, recipes, and a way of living, you don’t always come across when you only eat at restaurants and cafes.

If you are looking for ways to really get to know a place and the food on offer, why not try fitting one of these ideas into your next trip.

Ideas to discover new food and slow travel

  • Shop at local markets, bakeries, fish markets, and spice halls, then cook up a storm with some local produce.
  • Visit artisanal breweries, cheese makers or cake shops and sample foods you won’t taste anywhere else in the world.
  • Take a cooking class at a local school or restaurant. You’ll learn a new recipe and improve your culinary skills.
  • Explore how local produce is farmed at a farm or ranch homestay.
  • Take part in a local food festival and celebrations. This is where communities really reveal their love affair with food.
  • Volunteer in a local village and really grasp what it means to live and survive off the land.


What are your experiences of discovering new food through sustainable travel?

Please share and comment below, I would love to hear about other peoples experiences.


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