Why You should Visit Dundee – the Hype Explained

Why You should Visit Dundee – the Hype Explained

 “Have you moved to Dundee?”

“I’ve never known anyone willing to move to Dundee. Come to the West Coast!”

This was my friend’s response when we announced we had relocated to Scotland’s fourth largest city.

Her comments were in jest. But something grated on me as to why people are so down on Dundee.

Have they actually visited Scotland’s sunniest city recently?

Scotlands Tourism Boom

Scotland’s West Coast and Highlands are certainly spectacular!

However, the Highlands are starting to feel the brunt of over-tourism. Although tourism is a much-welcomed income for local businesses. Record visitor numbers throughout 2017, show tourism is putting a strain on communities and the environment.

Which is why Scotlands underrated destinations, like Dundee, are such great places to visit. They offer visitors a unique cultural experience at a local level without the crowds. Taking the pressure off Scotlands honeypot cities and attractions.

Dundee is THE next new destination to visit

Dundee V&A and RSS Discovery
Dundee V&A and RSS Discovery (Photo: Brett DeWoody)

It may not be as popular as its sibling Scottish destinations.

But everyone is talking about Dundee as one of THE top places to visit.

  • Wall Street Journal describes Dundee as a ‘hot destination’ and ‘Scotland’s Coolest City’ according to BBC News
  • The Sunday Post report Bloomberg to name Dundee as one of the top 22 places to visit in 2018
  • Dundee became a ‘Unesco City of Design’ alongside global design city hubs Montréal, Berlin, and Buenos Aires.

Whats all the Hype?

Being named as the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design, Dundee has earned its place firmly on the map of cultural design.

A long line of historical and future design greats make it a buzzing cultural hub with a number of surprising claims to fame.

  • Popular games Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings were created here
  • The design and construction of whaling ships once thrived here, including the famous RRS Discovery
  • It’s home to the Scottish Dance Theatre, Scotland’s national contemporary dance company
  • The long-awaited V&A, opening in September 2018, will become Scotland’s first design museum
  • Comic book legends Oor Wullie, Denise the Menace and Desperate Dan were born here
  • The production of jute once flourished as part of Dundee’s textile industry

The city is literally brimming with historical and cultural treats. True to its roots, yet vibrant and innovative.

Dundee is one of a kind, and one of the cities not to be missed!