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About Slow Travel Living

Hi, I’m Sylvie.

Welcome to my blog about slow travel living.


A Bit About Me

Having spent many years engineering a colourful career path which has allowed me to travel and live abroad, I have decided to set some roots and have recently settled in Scotlands fourth largest city, Dundee.

With a passion for travel and tourism, I hope to explore more of Scotland and the rest of the UK and Europe.  My aim is to adopt a slow travel way of life, visit lesser-known places, and tap into my other passions – heritage, culture, hiking and food.

This blog is to share my thoughts and discoveries about what slow travel living means to me.

Why Slow Travel living?

I first read about slow travel when I started studying for my travel and tourism course. Janet Dickinson’s book Slow Travel and Tourism really opened my eyes to an alternative approach to travel and tourism. Thinking I had never heard of it before, unknowingly, I had actually already embarked on my slow travel adventure.

  • I had spent 27 hours on a train travelling across India in 2007. It was cheap and far more interesting than taking a flight. I spent the journey talking to Indian families, learning more about their culture and viewing the beautiful landscape.
  • Whilst backpacking in Laos, I stayed in a local guesthouse for two weeks. I was feeling burnt out from backpacking and needed a break. I recharged my batteries, got to know the town inside out and met some very inspiring people.
  • Tandem bike was a choice of transport in 2013 when my husband and I explored the surrounding towns and villages of Bruges. We cycled out to the coast and saw far more than if we had just stayed in the touristy areas of Bruges.

These experiences are some of my fondest travel memories. The concept of slow travel and slow tourism has really captured my interest and sparked a desire to travel in a more sustainable way.

I love to watch people in their everyday lives, hike into the wilderness and seek out heritage wonders. But I also love being a tourist and fully understand how privileged I am to have the means and opportunity to travel and see some of the worlds most impressive places.

Which is why, through my travels and studies, I am learning more about the tourism industry and its future reliance on developing sustainably. Understanding it is both the industry and tourist who are equally responsible for preserving the environment, places and communities we visit.

Slowing down the pace of my travels and lifestyle, I hope, will lead to a fuller life. My goals are to embrace my passions and interests and to share my journey and discoveries of a sustainable travel lifestyle.

You can find out more about what slow travel is here.



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