Mysterious Peshna Cave

Mysterious Peshna Cave

In the depths of Macedonia’s hills lies the mysterious Peshna Cave. Steeped in raw beauty and legendary tales the cave is said to be one of Macedonia’s lesser known natural heritage monuments. It also holds claim to be the largest cave entrance in the Balkans at 30 metres high.

We heard about it from a local man in Skopje and were intrigued by it’s concealed existence.

Legends of Peshna Cave

Peshna Cave Castle

At the entrance of Peshna Cave you come across the crumbling ruins of an ancient castle. The story behind this castle is one of love and compassion.

Two sisters of King Marko, Deva and Peshna, were said to be living in the area. At those times women were not allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied. Deva lived in a castle near to the cave but had no way to easily speak with her sister Peshna.

In order for the sisters to communicate, King Marko built a castle in the entrance of Peshna Cave for Peshna to live in. The sisters would then able to speak with each other through the echoes from the cave.

Clamber Over Tumbled Rocks

Clamber over rocks at Peshna Cave

Crawl and clamber over huge piles of rocks and you will be taken further up into the cave. Once you reach the top and look back you can really appreciate the true size of the gaping entrance.

In the spring melting snow from the mountains runs through the cave to form the river Peshna. However, we visited in the dry season so the spring had dried up. But we could still see evidence of where the water would have flowed on the rocks.

Getting There

Centrally located near the village of Makedonski Brod, Peshna serves as a good stop off point when driving between Skopje and Ohrid.

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